My main research areas include: European integration, Euroscepticism, political parties and elections in Western Europe, global trends of democracy and authoritarianism, Turkish politics, Turkish foreign policy and transatlantic relations.

Since I have finished my PhD, I have been mostly working on foreign policy and international relations. The changing dynamics of multilateralism and European Union politics have been the core of my research. In addition, with two short research stays in Washington (Summer 2017 and 2018), I also started to work on transatlantic relations. My recent grad course on “Geopolitics of Europe” has been a product of this research agenda.

Previously, my PhD dissertation focused on political problems facing Europe and how political parties position themselves (especially on European integration dimension) in times of crisis. The rise of Euroscepticism and anti-austerity sentiments in Southern Europe have been on my research agenda, connecting it to voting behaviour of citizens. The similarities (and differences) among these four countries (Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain) in electoral politics have been the core of the research, while providing further information on their national dynamics.

Last but not least, I have been pursuing an ambitious research agenda related to Turkey (domestic politics and international relations). I have covered all the elections (including the constitutional referendum) in the country and published numerous articles related to its relations with the European Union and the United States.


  • Foreign Policy of the EU
  • Transatlantic Relations
  • Turkey and Turkey-EU Relations
  • Electoral Behaviour
  • Political Parties
  • Party Systems
  • European Parliament Elections
  • Euroscepticism and Populism
  • Southern Europe